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Facebook Video Marketing: Why You Need It And How To Do It Well

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Advertising has always been visual, but when you augment this visual impact using video marketing, the effect is even greater. With so many people today living fast-paced lifestyles, it’s essential to get your message across using carefully chosen text coupled with powerful moving images. When you combine the power of Facebook video marketing with the popularity of Facebook FB -1.37%, your business will go through the roof

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why nonprofits should consider an animated video

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Video – Communications Tool Of Today

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Video -The Premier Communications Tool Of Today

The human mind has an inherent unfulfilled need for information and interaction.  Before the advent of the printing press, handwritten word and oral tradition dominated the preservation and communication of cultures, ideas and beliefs.  Then in 1450, Johannes Gutenberg helped changed the world.
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Video advertising for competitive edge

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It’s certainly no secret that you can generate local, national and even global exposure by advertising on TV. If done correctly, the results can be very rewarding–but if done incorrectly, it could cost you your investment. Since most entrepreneurs seek out “the most bang for their buck” when it comes to advertising, if you really want your TV advertising campaign to be effective, it’s imperative that you plan your strategy carefully. Here are surefire steps to producing  video ads that will give you a competitive edge

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How much does TV advertising cost?

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How much does TV advertising cost? There are TV solutions to suit all budgets, and this section will help you understand what sort of budget you need to get started on TV, the factors affecting the price of TV, plus a few examples of what sort of bang you can get for your buck.

There are a number of things that determine the cost of advertising on TV, including target audience, seasonality, regionality, copy length, transmission time and programming. And like a lot of markets, the cost of TV is based on a supply and demand mechanic. Supply is the audience or “impacts” and demand is the advertiser revenue. The more supply available to advertisers, the lower the cost, conversely, the higher the demand from advertisers the higher the cost.

And naturally, there are several factors that can affect both supply and demand, such as; the economic situation, event TV, scheduling on non-commercial channels such as the BBC, the weather and the time of year. Therefore, the cost of TV airtime fluctuates all of the time.

A media agency and / or a Tv Sales House can advise you on the cost of advertising on TV at different times of the year.

Successful campaigns, with different objectives and budgets

There’s a perception that you need to have huge budgets to advertise on TV, but actually TV is incredibly accessible to all. Many advertisers use TV, with varying budgets and different business objectives. Below are a few examples to inspire you.

Launch a brand on a low budget


With just c. £200k and by using the right programme at the right time to talk to their target audience, Chambord managed to establish their brand in the UK. You can read more about how they achieved so much on so little here.

Changing perception and behaviour

Paddy Power wanted to inspire a movement of change that would gain the support of professionals, fans, the media and other brands in their “Kicking Homophobia out of football” campaign. They spent £600k and did an incredible job with this, partnering with players from Arsenal football club and Stonewall, changing perceptions and behaviour amongst football fans and the wider public. Read more about this campaign here.

Customer retention


Morrison’s wanted to reconnect with family shoppers on an emotional level and showcase the talent of their Market Specialists. They did this through a partnership with Ant & Dec  and two of ITV’s biggest shows, BGT and Saturday Night Takeaway, delivering mass reach against their core family audience and also driving participation and engagement. The budget for this campaign was £1m+. Read more about this campaign here.

Driving response

With £2.5m set aside and using TV for the first time, lowcostholidays generated brand fame with a series of engaging ads that juxtaposed the low cost adjective with high production values, generating a 54% increase in sales.

Benefits of having a corporate video

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Corporate videos are a highly effective way of informing clients and potential customers about the organization, its goals, products and services. Promotional material can make or break the opportunity the organization has to make a good first impression or lasting impression and a poorly made promotional vehicle does not promote an image of professionalism. Given the impact that corporate videos can have on a business, you simply cannot take the risk of getting them made in house; unless, you have a well qualified and professional team of in-house video production experts. So, here is a look at why you should get in touch with a professional establishment if you are interested in getting high quality, corporate videos.
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What We Have To Offer

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Paradox Studio offers a diverse portfolio of professional video production services tailored to your specific needs. Over the years we have produced professional videos for leading blue chip companies, as well as being involved in a number of projects for local authorities, charities and societies. Why not take a look at our portfolio to see the kind of work we do? link to portfolio here

Our video production services really are in a league of their own and we are proud to produce videos that are consistently slick, powerful and memorable. Paradox Studio’s video production services are always in high demand, not only because we’re setting new industry standards, but also thanks to our competitive pricing. If you’re searching for an exceptional video production service, look no further! Read More

Why Choose Paradox Studio?

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[rb_quote] We love what we do. We offer realistic yet competitive pricing. We keep our promises and we deliver the highest quality videos on time, every time. Yes, there are a whole host of video production companies around, but there are none quite like us at Paradox Studio. Don’t just take our word for it, feast your eyes on our show-reels and take a look at some of our other recent video production work. [/rb_quote] [rb_divider] [/rb_divider]

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Benefits of training employees with video

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Videos are becoming a popular way for small business to provide cost-effective staff training thanks to portable technologies. Laptops, smartphones, phablets and tablets are allowing easier access to a growing number of inexpensive online training resources. Here are the benefits of training employees with video


Lower cost training options mean more small businesses can use online training to improve their productivity and competitiveness by increasing the skill sets of their teams.

Plus, training opportunities may help make your team feel more valued. In turn, this can build loyalty and reduce costly staff turnover.


Can you image life without videos? Didn’t think so, after all there’s now 1 billion of us watching videos shared on YouTube.

Human beings are a visually-driven lot. Perhaps it’s due to our ancestry as hunters and the need to quickly scan the horizon for threats. Whatever the reason, the saying “A picture tells a thousand words” rings true for most of us.

The power of the moving image can communicate across all boundaries. Think of the Gangnam Style video, the most popular YouTube video of all time that’s amassed an astounding 2,394,487,792 views – at the time of writing – now that’s a number!


Online training is now a big thing. Sometimes called e-learning, this form of staff training makes it affordable to a wider range of businesses than ever before.

As digital natives enter and move through the workforce ranks, there’s a greater expectation that training can be delivered via mobility devices. And thanks to these devices there’s a range of online training videos that your business can offer your team, at a fraction of the cost of traditional training.

Of course, not all training can be done online. Some still needs to be done face-to-face but the world of online has exploded recently with training videos that can be used as part of a broader training program that can increase the effectiveness of face-to-face training.

The popularity of mobile devices like smartphones, phablets and tablets has created a massive opportunity for delivering staff training. Mobility can bring down the cost of staff training for small business.


High-speed data networks have made training via the internet more accessible and popular. Whether via computers or devices, the ability to stream video content offers small businesses the opportunity to extend the training of their staff in a cost-effective and convenient way. Some of the benefits include:

Cost-effectiveness – save on travel and accommodation costs when staff need to attend off-site training; paper-based manuals and training materials require storage that can be expensive.
Accessibility – your team can access training anywhere including remote locations
Flexibility – mobility devices allow your team to view the training videos at any time they prefer – not just when they’re at work.
Currency – digital content can be quickly updated without the cost of reproducing expensive printed materials.
Effectiveness – younger team members may prefer online learning to more traditional forms of training. Plus, visually-based materials are more easily understood by people with limited English language skills.
Faster on-boarding – when you have a range of videos available, specific to your business you can help speed up the induction of new team members.


Social media can be a very effective for informal learning. For example, experienced staff can share tips with younger team members. With so many people now using social media, it’s a great opportunity to explore how to connect better with your staff and improve training.

And enterprise social platforms are cheaper than ever. For example, SocialCast and Yammer allow links to videos and even video content to be easily uploaded, shared and commented on.


Staff training via mobility devices can be a fast and effective way to help develop your team. But where should you start? You can always do an online search for training videos, and you’ll surely come across the stalwart – an early pioneer.

But perhaps the content covered is too generic, and you want to create something specific to your needs. Why not venture into the world of video production yourself? After all, you know what your team needs to learn better than anyone. You don’t have to win an Academy Award – you just want to develop your team. You can choose from a wide range of easy to use video-editing apps that will help you create effective and targeted training for your team.


Before you launch in, though, it’s a good idea to have an overall strategy on how to integrate mobile into your business training. Some considerations include:

Scope – think about what aspects of your business training can be done online and how it can integrate with any essential face-to-face training.
Format – online training lends itself to a modular content framework with specific topic-based segments rather than large all-inclusive videos. This allows people to pick and choose without overwhelming them at once. For example, videos can focus on solving a specific problem.
Content – take the time to clarify what you need to convey and how you can order the flow of each in a logical way. Don’t overlook the power of humour to convey a message. Just have a look at the early John Cleese training video – still a standout after all these years.
Platforms – there are lots of online modes of communication out there – messaging, Facebook, Twitter, Google docs – which modes will you offer your team? You could also host videos privately on YouTube while providing direct links to staff to view.
Tools – Don’t re-invent the wheel. Don’t feel you need to create a custom app. In many cases, the apps are right there on the device.
Psychology of learning – take into account the way people learn. Consider how you introduce new concepts, reinforce and summarise to get the best training outcomes.


Got your video training strategy sorted? Now for a deployment plan – here’s a suggest plan of attack:

Plan – develop a plan of attack with a schedule.
Audit existing materials – review the materials you’ve already got on hand. Are they up to date? What can be used as the basis for online training?
Digitise – after weeding out what’s current make it available to all your team. Put all these materials online either on your website, intranet or server. Your online training journey is now really beginning.
Produce – create a production schedule with regular launches. Ideally the videos should feature the boss of the business to ensure credibility and cut through.
Share – share it around the business and ensure you have a face-to-face meeting to discuss how and when the video should be used.


Online training works best with a broad plan that allows you to maximise the data on all the devices used within your business.

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All You Need To Know!

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The Paradox Process

– Our production process was designed for efficiency and quality.Each step has a purpose and we ask that our clients take an active role in making decisions and giving approvals. We always do our best to update you on the process and always welcome question and comments. Read More

10 Reason Non-Profits Should Choose YouTube

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How should your non-profit share video online? There’s no shortage of options. Brightcove, YouTube, Vimeo, Kewego, SeeToo, Akami, and so on.

Most media websites, like the NYTimes or TV channels, have their own custom video players. This is so they can earn ad revenue, or exclusively show their content in the context of their website. As a NGO, your goals look different. Whether you’re advocating, informing or motivating, the point of your non-profit video is for people to see it, not to make ad revenue. Here’s 10 reasons why I think your org should go with YouTube. Read More

why business videos

Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Video

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Part of Google’s algorithm for search rankings considers the amount of time visitors stay on your website, which is one reason online video is seeing explosive growth. Explainer videos have boomed in popularity over the past year due to their affordability and proven effectiveness in growing a business. This makes explainer videos an excellent marketing tool. Increasing your conversion rates, clarifying your product, and boosting your sales are just 3 of the 10 reasons your business needs an explainer video.

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Why Videos?

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In this day and age, videos appeal to consumers more than text, and many companies are jumping on this bandwagon. And you do not want to be left behind. Internet Retailer found that visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not. Furthermore, Marketing Sherpa found that featuring a video in an ad can increase responsiveness by 49.5%. So why wouldn’t you have a video? You’ve already completed step one, which is getting on our site, so keep clicking around our site for more information on how you can make the best video ever!

5 Reasons why Video is required today Read More

Frequently Asked Questions?

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What’s included in the standard order?  We do all the heavy lifting including scriptwriting, conceptualizing the story, custom graphic design, animation, voice, background music, and final file formatting.

How long does it take to comeplete the order?  It takes 3-6 weeks to complete an order, depending on how responsive our clients are to our deliverables. Read More

We are here to answer your questions. Ask us anything!
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