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How It Works?

Our production crew are not located only in one location but we are spread everywhere in the world, on-ground as well as on-line. This is what makes us unique and able to offer a variety of services at a very competitive price – because we can cut unnecessary costs that comes with managing a team at a specific office.

About Us

So How Do We Make The Magic Happen?


Achieve More With Video

When you work with Paradox Studio, you get more than just a video. You get our expertise in end-to-end video campaign management. We will work with you to identify the best types of videos and show you how to incorporate them into your digital strategy.

That ensures you get videos designed to maximize your investment.


On Ground & Online

Work is done through a collaboration effort of our on-ground and on-line team to come up with concept and package that best suits our client needs.

Everything from music to graphics, are selectively hand-picked so that we can offer client whatever they need and want specifically for a project. And most importantly, we will be with our client all throughout these steps to ensure every processes are transparent.

Our project manager will always be on-ground to liaise with the client, while our creative director and other team members are available on-line whenever required.


Standby: Lights, Camera, Action

Our complete team of Project Manager, Director, Director of Photography, Lighting Assistant, Line Producer and Audio Assistant will be present to ensure a smooth process of filming/shooting. The crew size will depend on the scope of the project.

Detailed Production guidelines will be provided to you before the shoot.

Post Production

Done Completely Online

Our post-production is supervised closely by our Creative Director, Producer and the Project Manager. Our client will be consulted before making any decision to ensure transparency and a smooth process. If necessary, an on-ground video editor & editing suite can be provided.

We will share the first draft and upon feedback, we shall further fine-tune the video to create the final product you want.

Locally Global

Why Our Way Works!

Unlike many other production houses, our company have a strict policy of not adding unnecessary human resources to attend filming/shooting because that will only incur more cost to the client.

We maximize our team’s capacity wisely, therefore client do not have to pay for 3 persons in order to get a 1 person’s job done.

Pre Production
Post Production
Complete Project