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Whilst traditional personalized training courses are often expensive and time consuming, training manuals are sometimes rejected because they are so impersonal. Training staff through online videos provides a good alternative and has become increasingly popular. Here are the benefits of using a training video

  • Staff can learn at their own desk and more importantly, learn at their own pace. So whether you want an employee to understand an important accounting software programme or if you have several new employees who need to familiarise themselves with your corporate objectives, a video is a great way to do this.
  • Video training can be tailored to incorporate anything you wish – it is totally flexible.
  • It is far more effective for staff to learn through a visual method that demonstrates working examples than by more traditional methods such as reading training manuals.
  • The costs of using an online video as a training tool are much lower than using a traditional training course. There is no need to hire a tutor or a venue. The online video can be used whenever it is required at the employee’s desk. In addition, the one off cost of producing the video can be recouped when it is used many times in the future.
  • Staff can continue to learn and progress with important training whilst ensuring employee motivation along with morale and engagement remains high.

Training Video

Possible Features

Video training allows for bespoke videos to be custom made to suit your requirements. Here are some features that can be considered for use within a training video:

  • Narration or voiceovers – this helps to give the viewer a fuller understanding of what is occurring.
  • Built in links – You can insert links into the video to help for example test the user. This makes the training video more interactive.
  • Simulations – In some cases you can use software to create simulations. This can help the user to take the real experience in a guided environment.
  • Step by Step Tutorials – Training videos can be used effectively as a series of tutorials. Courses can be used on different levels and published one by one.
  • Presentations – Videos can be used as training presentations. Animation, music, images and highlights can all be used within the presentation to make it more compelling to watch.

Core Media Design can produce bespoke videos for any type of computer training. We will work with you to help you deliver your training videos in the most effective way.

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