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Frequently Asked Questions?

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What’s included in the standard order?  We do all the heavy lifting including scriptwriting, conceptualizing the story, custom graphic design, animation, voice, background music, and final file formatting.

How long does it take to comeplete the order?  It takes 3-6 weeks to complete an order, depending on how responsive our clients are to our deliverables.

What format will I receive the video? We typically provide the video in High Res Mp4, Mov and Webm Format.

What is the typical length of a video – We recommend 1-3 Minutes, which tends to be the sweet spot for conversions and engagement.

Why do I need a video? It helps explain your value proposition in easy to understand terms. Video allows viewers to see and hear your message. Our Styles and approaches to various industry are likeable and help tell your story in fun and easy going style. Our clients are seeing strong conversion rates after adding these videos. Our client videos are going viral too, driving a significant amount of traffic back to our client’s site.

Do you send over source files with the Mp4? No. We don’t typically release the source files to our clients.

Who chooses the voice? We will provide a few options that we feel are a good fit for your project. But, you ultimately get to choose the voice you feel is a good fit to represent your brand.

How do I go about choosing the video style? We have created all sorts of videos ranging from Corporate Documentaries to Motion Graphics to Promotional Marketing Videos. So, we are very versed in video conceptualization and concepts. But, ultimately this is your video. So, we want you to give us feedback on your preferences and dislikes. We will then customize the video to fit the style you like.

Does music come standard? No, we will typically pick the track based on the flow of the script and design and share it with you before hand to choose from. We generally give a few shortlisted alternatives.

How do you write the script? We ask you to complete a creative brief. This brief gives us a better understanding of your message and value proposition. We have custom designed the brief with our videos in mind. So, we have specific questions in it that help us write the script. Once we receive the complete brief we will review internally and start talking about ideas for script & concept.

How are you different from other providers? Most importantly, we are experts at messaging. Aside from our quality of work, it’s our greatest skill. Having a wide portfolio of various styles of videos, we understand what works in terms of engagement and conversion. Our ability to tell our client’s story through imagery and motion graphics is unparalleled.


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