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One Note At A Time

Sound design is another element essential to creating a mood in a piece and Paradox Studio is prepared and equipped to handle all your voiceover & audio engineering needs. We will work diligently to improve the soundscape of any project by adding or manipulating sound effects, music, narration, or any other sound element deemed appropriate for the project.

Shabby sound design is commonly the tell-tale sign of a low quality production, as it is usually the element that gets neglected most.

Professional Voiceover & audio For All Types Of Narrations. For Your Voicemail, TV Or Radio Commercial, Narration, Explainer, Animation, Cartoon, Whiteboard, YouTube Video, Tutorial, DJ Drop, Smartphone App, Audiobook, Advertisement, And More! No Matter The Media, Paradox Studio Can Give It A Voice!

You can choose from a diverse roster of expert voices that are sure to enhance your presentation. Add a touch of flair to your video, your sound recordings, and your voiceover & audio.

Paradox offers voice overs in English (Neutral, American, British & Australian Accents), Malay, Chinese, Hindi, Urdu and Portuguese.

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