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A Lapse of Time

With time-lapse video, stationary cameras take pictures of a subject over a period of time and then digitally speed them up so that you can quickly see what has happened over a long period of time. For subjects like construction site evolution, large sculpture installations, city traffic, and sunsets, time-lapse photography condenses these into mere seconds or minutes.

We work closely with you to customize a shooting schedule that determines when the cameras take photographs.

This schedule also defines key critical milestones so we never miss anything important.
Why Timelapses?

Do you want to manipulate time in your video? Do you want to visually speed up something that normally takes place over hours, days or even months?

  • Time-lapse adds more quality to your videos
  • A  Time-lapse provides more information than an image
  • Time-lapse lets visitors see the same location at different times of the day and at different seasons.
  • Time-lapse allows you to see how a location, environment or construction project changes over time.
  • Time-lapse lets visitors understand different time-scales by seeing them, like a year in a second, or a day in a minute.
  • Time-lapse adds a cinematic feel to your video