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Camera Rental & Production Support

For commercial and corporate video productions, live events, and other everyday camera operator requests, we rent cameras, lenses, lighting, sound equipment, grip and all the gear you need to get your video produced,

We can arrange a complete production of video equipment rental along with crew only.
Cameras We Love

Below are some of the cameras we have worked with but if there is anything else(video equipment rental) you need, we will arrange it for you.

  • Arri Alexa
  • RED Epic
  • Canon 5D Mark III, IV
  • Panasonic GH5
  • Black Magic Pocket Cinema 4K
  • Ursa Mini
  • Sony A7S Series
  • Canon C100, C300 & C500
  • Sony FS700
  • Sony FS7 & FS5II
  • Sony F3
  • Panasonic AF102