You can catch us dancing in our Zumba group. Starting the day with Yoga. Maintaining our fitness – together. We watch movies. We barbeque. We work out. We Play. We chill on the beach, take to the sea by yacht…it simply never ends.

The sense of community lives in the eyes of every landscaper, security staff member, and beyond. The Danga Bay Community brings together people with similar interest through fun activities we all love…

We don’t’ want to forget these experiences, it’s a lifestyle that makes us feel special. where our every need is fully taken care of…and we all serve one another. We’re there for one another.

A community like this is true to the heart, where we can live without worry. It’s OUR home. A place where we can set our stress aside and live life to the fullest.

This is the place that dreams are made of. Look at us , one Big Family that resides in Harmony

This…is Country Garden Danga Bay – Where family happiness never ends.

Client: Country Garden Danga Bay –
Date Produced: May 2019
Director: Sherwynn Victor and Oz Rao
Producer: The Paradox Studio
DOP: Mike