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Event Promo – Plus – From RM 15,500


Using video to cover an event is a great way to promote your business and engage with your audience. This is critical to ensuring your customer loyalty and it strengthens their reason to choose you over the competition.

Your finished video is branded with your corporate logo, motion graphics along with taglines and/or company information, encoded and ready for uploading on your website or YouTube.

What does this package includes?

  • 1 Basic Introduction Meeting
  • 1 Pre-production meeting
  • Full Day pro-shoot with broadcast HD equipment (6-8 hours day) including basic sound and 3 point light equipment for interviews
  • 1 DOP (Director of Photography)
  • 1 Project Manager
  • Company logo/ your name and title (lower thirds)
  • Photos or graphics to accentuate your point
  • Your logo at the beginning and end with call to action
  • Custom Graphics
  • Video Editing
  • 1 Music Track
  • 2 Set of changes from the 1st cut to produce your 3rd and final cut
  • All feedbacks to be provided online
  • Online production support throughout
  • Uploaded and shared through Google drive
  • Delivered in QuickTime.mov and /or .mp4 Format

Package requirements:

  • You supply us with your video brief.
  • Your final film will be one video of up to 90-120 Seconds
  • All travel and crew travel rates/costs are additional to package price.
  • All hotels, flights, ATA carnets and airline excess weight charges will be in addition to the package price
  • You must upload all branding elements, logos, and photos that you need in the film on Paradox Studio’s Google drive
  • Music, Graphics, Treatments will be shared beforehand for approval

 So what do I do next?

  1. Write out your project brief
  2. Share information about the event
  3. Upload your brief and other branding elements to Paradox Studio
  4. Pay your advance
  5. Wait for project confirmation
  6. Receive your short production document
  7. Let us take care of the rest

Production Schedule:

  • Pre-Production: 1 Week (Team Briefing, Graphics and Music Shortlist)
  • Production: 1 Day
  • Post Production:3 weeks (Edits, Graphics, Color Correction, Music)
  • First Draft: 4 weeks
  • 2nd Draft: Within 1 Week of feedbacks
  • Final Video: Within 1 Week of feedbacks

Payment Terms: 65% Advance 35% On Delivery.

We will make sure we understand what you require during the pre-production meeting. If there is an error of some sort, of course, it will be fixed and during 2 revisions, text on tags, clips replacements and minor touchup. Creative changes cost extra.

The above package pricing is for illustration purposes. Pricing may vary depending on the video’s requirement.

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