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2D – Animation – Plus – From RM 20,500


Looking for the latest in promotional video production? This is it! Our 2D-animation plus package combines custom characters, kinetic typography and vector art animation to form the very best animated promotional videos, corporate videos and general website videos.

People only buy when they understand how a product or service benefits them so increase sales by using an explainer video to frame your company as the “problem solver”.

Did you know: The average user visit to a text and image based website is 43 seconds for a website with video, the average visit lasts 6 minutes. Time to jump on board!

What does this package includes?

  • 1 Basic Introduction meeting (Online)
  • 1 Pre-production meeting (Online)
  • Professional broadcast accredited editors and animators
  • 1 Animated Video (60-90 Seconds)
  • 1 music track
  • Professional voice over (Neutral American accent)
  • 2 Set of changes from the 1st cut to produce your third and final cut
  • Scripts, Voice over, Music and Graphics once finalized will be locked
  • All feedbacks to be provided online
  • Your logo at the beginning and end with call to action
  • 2 Skype meeting with client
  • Custom Graphics
  • Custom Character
  • Mood Board
  • Online production support throughout
  • Uploaded and shared through Google drive
  • Delivered in QuickTime.mov and .mp4 Format

Package requirements:

  • You supply us with the video brief
  • You supply us with a script or we work on it together
  • You upload all branding elements (logos etc.) to Paradox Studio’s Google drive
  • Your final film will be no longer than 90 seconds

 So what do I do next?

  1. Write out your project brief
  2. Email Paradox Studio mentioning the package or by directly selecting it
  3. Wait for project confirmation and our call to arrange a meeting
  4. Discuss the project face to face in a (in-person or Skype) meeting
  5. Pay your deposit
  6. Share all branding graphics and other related material to the folder shared
  7. Start receiving your pre-production material and provided feedbacks and approval
  8. Let us take care of the rest

Production Schedule:

  • Pre-Production: 4 Weeks (Script, Graphics Shortlist, Character Shortlist, Voice Over and Music Shortlist)
  • Post Production: 3 weeks (Edits, Graphics, Character Creation, Audio Sync, Music)
  • First Draft: 8-9 weeks
  • 2nd Draft: Within 1 week of receiving feedbacks
  • Final Video: Within 1 week of receiving feedbacks

Payment Terms: 65% Advance 35% On Delivery.

Note: All animation styles will be discussed in detail during the pre-production process and animation treatment will be finalized. Feedback will be taken from the first draft to further refine the animation.

In case of Character/Story animation, have a look at your 2D Animation Plus Package.

Don’t forget: No one has to be filmed with this package so no scary cameras!

The above package pricing is for illustration purposes. Pricing may vary depending on the video’s requirement.

Reference Video Samples


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