How Long Will It Take?

All projects vary in scope and scale. A typical project lasts 6-9 weeks and breaks down to 1-2 weeks of pre-production, up to 1 week of principal-production, and 4-6 weeks of post-production. Our schedule is also a factor, so sometimes we are able finish projects sooner than expected.

What Equipment is Used?

All videos will be shot in HD on DSLR Cameras, either Panasonic, Sony or Canon, along with the required lenses, lights, audio and additional gadgets. For video editing we use After Effects, Premiere Pro and Camtasia Studio. Anything is possible with our resources.

How Much Will It Cost?

Let us know your budget range and we will work closely within it. Many of our clients are pleasantly surprised that our quality corporate video are priced competitively (if not cheaper) than other alternatives in the market.  You can always go through our packages to get a good idea.

“Cost Per Minute” Rule For Video?

Since every video is different, it is impossible to use this as a metric. We have done 5-minute corporate videos for $80,000 and 30-second commercials for the same price.

What’s Included In The Standard Order?

We do all the heavy lifting including scripting, conceptualizing the story, custom graphic design, shoot treatment, animation, voice, background music, and final file formatting.

Can You Produce Videos Internationally?

We have worked on several projects in South East Asia, Asia, USA and Europe. We are more than happy to work on projects anywhere in the world.

Options Built With You In Mind

Since we are a virtual plus on-ground company, we are very comfortable working remotely with customers on projects. Between Whatsapp, emails, Skype and phone/web conferences, etc – you may feel like we are working right next to you anyway. That said – we have our project managers on ground to come meet you in person as well.

Production Process


How Is A Video Style Chosen?

We Have Created All Sorts Of Videos

Ranging from Corporate Documentaries to Motion Graphics to Promotional Marketing Videos. So, we are very versed in video conceptualization and concepts. But, ultimately this is your video. So, we want you to give us feedback on your preferences and dislikes. We will then customize the video to fit the style you like.


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What Format Will I Receive The Video?

We typically provide the video in High Res Mp4, Mov and Webm Format.

How Do I Get My Video?

We deliver our products digitally via web-based services like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, or on a flash drive.

What Is The Typical Length Of A Video

We recommend 1-5 Minutes, which tends to be the sweet spot for conversions and engagement.

Do You Send Over Source Files?

No. We don’t typically release the source files to our clients unless agreed upon at the start of the project.