Video Production Company Malaysia
Paradox Studio offers a diverse portfolio of professional video production services tailored to your specific needs. Over the years we have produced professional videos for leading blue chip companies, as well as being involved in a number of projects for local authorities, charities and societies. Why not take a look at our portfolio to see the kind of work we do? link to portfolio here

Our video production services really are in a league of their own and we are proud to produce videos that are consistently slick, powerful and memorable. Paradox Studio’s video production services are always in high demand, not only because we’re setting new industry standards, but also thanks to our competitive pricing. If you’re searching for an exceptional video production service, look no further!

Corporations are all too often seen as faceless entities, and not as a combination of human beings sharing in a passionate mission. Video serves as an eminently effective antidote to this misconception, affording your prospects the chance to see, hear, and experience the integral elements of your product or service. When viewers have the opportunity to witness this passion you have for what you do, you begin to inspire the essential combination of know, like, and trust. Prospects are given a direct sense of who you are and are much more eager to place trust within an organization that is willing to stand before them, rather than one that depends solely on blocks of text and a sprinkling of photos to express themselves. Think of your corporate video as a miniature documentary, educating and initiating a relationship with the viewer; entertaining them as they begin to learn why it is that you are best suited to solve their specific needs.

There is simply no greater tool for advocacy, outreach and fundraising than non profit video production. In the interest of serving non profits internationally, Paradox Studio offers an array of video production services to tap into the emotional core of an organisation’s mission. Remember, people want to know the stories of those that they are helping, and where their donation of funds, time, and advocacy are going. Our videographers work closely with our clients to showcase the passion that they feel for what they do, and those they serve. We do this by producing non-profit videos that are not only aesthetically compelling, but that have a strong to samples reel here

Business is predicated upon one thing above all others: relationships. Why not initiate that relationship from a prospect’s first inkling of interest with a video that expresses who you are and what you do? There is simply no better way to simultaneously convey the information that an interested party is seeking, while tapping into the fact that we are a social species that craves faces and stories. And, a business video does just that: attractively and effectively markets your business, while satisfying viewers’ emotional interest in the people behind that business. Whether you are a main-street boutique, a cosmopolitan cosmetic service provider, or a suburban contractor, utilising the power of video will ratchet your business up to the next stage of its marketing evolution.

Eye-catching motion graphics can raise awareness of your brand at events, on your website and in your presentations. Using Motion Graphics to bring your branding to life can help keep your brand memorable. It can also ensure your key business messages are communicated to your target audience in a clear and consistent way. Motion Graphics, when used effectively, is a great way to keep your message on brand and your communication dynamic. You can improve the clarity of your business communications by using motion graphics to explain complex information in an easy to follow and engaging way. Motion graphics are a great way for people to understand your ideas and concepts and perfect for illustrating something the human eye cannot see.

They say it is more effective to show, than to tell. Why not do both? Video offers your audience a multi-sensory experience that is simultaneously educational, persuasive, and easy to digest. Better than reading a series of instructions, or referencing a collection of pictures and diagrams video explores, step-by-step, the subject that you are informing about. Do your customers commonly call asking how to use certain functions of your product? Produce an easily accessible video for them answering these frequently asked questions. Do you have courses that new personnel are required to attend, or weighty manuals for them to read through? Create a series of videos that can be used to convey this information precisely to each employee. Cut down on confusion, cut down on service calls. Allow education 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Here at Paradox Studio, we understand that every client is different and that’s why you won’t find any standard production services on our site. We tailor our production services to meet your individual needs to create a video that is truly unique.

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