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How Long Does It Take To Create A Video?

By Tips & Tricks

16-10The creation of a video usually takes X to Y weeks, but it might take up to two months, so it’s best to start working two months prior to the campaign! The concept creation is around X-Y day, the script writing can take between X-Y days, the illustration development takes around X-Y days and the animation phase around X-Y days.

Do You Get To Pick The Voice-Over Talent?

By Technicals

Yes! Of course…Usually at this point in production, we send several voice samples, male or female, whichever is requested or fits the product better. The more common the language i.e  English, the more samples to choose from. The same applies to dialects and accents requested

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How Much Does A Video Cost?

By Technicals

The Cost of video depends on a lot of things including duration, number of shoots, location, talents, post production, animations and the list goes on and on… Every Video’s cost is different from a 30 sec Ad being the most expensive one…

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