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What does this package includes?

  • 1 Initial Introduction Meeting
  • 1 Online pre-production meeting and planning
  • Aerial Footage DOP (Video and Photography)
  • DJI Phantom + Accessories
  • 1080P or 4K – Footage Transfer
  • Online support throughout

Package requirements:

  • You supply us with the video brief
  • You provide us with your shoot requirements
  • You provide us the location and time for shoot
  • Permission to be provided by client
  • You provide us with one person as point of contact for the shoot.(if required)
  • All creative and shoot directions for the crew/DOP is to be provided by you.

So what do I do next?

  1. Write our your project brief
  2. Collect 2-3 sample shoot reference styles
  3. Contact Paradox Studio and mentioned the package
  4. Attach you brief and samples in the email.
  5. Wait for project confirmation from Paradox Studio.
  6. A Pre-production online or direct call meeting will be done with you.
  7. Pay your deposit.

Production Schedule:

  • Pre-Production: 1 Week – to lock crew and guide him/them as per your instructions
  • Production: 1 Day
  • Transfer of Footage – Within 5-7 days of shoot

Payment Terms: 65% Advance 35% On Delivery.

Note: Travel outside of Kuala Lumpur areas would require additional fees. For additional requirements like courier of footage in external hard disk and location permissions – you can request a custom quote.

This package includes basic direction and following notes provided by client.

The above package pricing is for illustration purposes. Pricing may vary depending on the video’s requirement.

All motion graphics styles will be discussed in detail during the pre-production process and motion graphics treatment will be finalized. Stocks will be a mix of shoot based and online video footages, which will be treated with a motion graphics style. Feedback will be taken from the first draft to further refine the video.

Note: In case you require a studio along with wardrobe and art direction team, please have a look at Motion Graphics Video – Plus Package.

The above package pricing is for illustration purposes. Pricing may vary depending on the video’s requirement.

Reference Video Sample


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