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Training Video – From RM 14,500


Like many essential business procedures, training new hires and updating current employee training programmes can quickly become stale if efforts aren’t made to freshen up content or try something different.

For businesses that want to offer employees the chance to learn the ins and outs of the company in a more engaging way, producing video content is one of the best ways to achieve this.

What does this package includes?

  • 1 Basic Introduction Meeting
  • 2 Pre-production meeting
  • 1 camera – Up to 1 day shoot (8 hours – includes set up and break down)
  • Script, Concept and Treatment to be worked in collaboration
  • Company logo/ your name and title (lower thirds)
  • Photos or graphics to accentuate your point
  • Your logo at the beginning and end with call to action
  • Custom Graphics
  • Talents are not included
  • Location to be provided by client
  • Video Editing
  • 1 Music Track
  • Professional voice over (English – Neutral American Accent)
  • Malay Voice Over and scripting would be an additional RM 2000
  • 2 Set of changes from the 1st cut to produce your Third and final cut
  • All feedbacks to be provided online
  • Online production support throughout
  • Uploaded and shared through Google drive
  • Delivered in and /or .mp4 Format

Package requirements:

  • You supply us with the video brief
  • You supply us with a script or we work on it together
  • You upload all branding elements to Paradox Studio’s Google drive (logos etc)
  • Your final film will be no longer than 2-3 Minutes
  • You must include your music choice in your brief

So what do I do next?

  1. Write out your project brief
  2. Email Paradox Studio mentioning the package or by directly selecting it
  3. Wait for project confirmation and our call to arrange a meeting
  4. Discuss the project face to face in an in-person or skype meeting
  5. Pay your advance
  6. Share all branding graphics and other related material to the folder shared
  7. Start receiving your pre-production material and provided feedbacks and approval
  8. Let us take care of the rest

Production Schedule:

  • Pre-Production: 2-3 Weeks (Script Edits, Graphics Shortlist, Voice Over and Music Shortlist)
  • Production: 1 Day
  • Post Production: 2- 3 weeks (Edits, Graphics, Audio Sync, Music)
  • First Draft: 4-6 weeks
  • 2nd Draft: Within 1 week of receiving feedbacks
  • Final Video: Within 1 week of receiving feedbacks

Payment Terms: 65% Advance. 35% Upon Delivery

This video package includes Concept, Treatment, Graphics, Script and Voiceover. All material once approved will be considered final.

The above package pricing is for illustration purposes. Pricing may vary depending on the video’s requirement.

Reference Video Sample


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