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Product Promo Plus – from RM 16,500


Let us take care of the entire production. We’ll shoot product showcase and then we pick some great music, matching graphics and edit the video using our award winning team and send you the final cut!

Product shoots will take place in a studio with complete lighting, several backdrop and will also have a product stylist.

What does this package includes?

  • 1 Initial Meeting
  • 3 Pre-Production Meeting
  • 1 final film up to 60 – 90 Seconds
  • Full Day pro-shoot with broadcast HD equipment (8 hours day) without sound equipment.
  • 1 DOP (cameraman)
  • 1 Product Stylist
  • 1 Day of Studio with backdrop and lights
  • Basic taglines
  • Video Edits
  • Voice over – Neutral American Accent (Optional)
  • Malay Voice over and script would be an additional RM 2000
  • Inclusion of your logos and text with simple animation.
  • 1 pre-selected royalty free music tracks
  • Online production support throughout.
  • Uploaded and shared through Google drive.
  • Delivered in and .mp4 Format

Package Rules:

  • You supply us with your video brief.
  • Your final film will be one video of up to 60-90 Seconds
  • All travel and crew travel rates/costs are additional to package price.
  • All hotels, flights, ATA carnets and airline excess weight charges will be in addition to the package price
  • You must upload all branding elements, logos, and photos that you need in the film on Paradox Studio’s Google drive
  • Music, Graphics, Scripts, Treatments will be shared beforehand for approval

So what do I do next?

  1. Write out your project brief
  2. Share information on product, service or concept
  3. Upload your brief and other branding elements to Paradox Studio
  4. Pay your advance
  5. Wait for project confirmation
  6. Receive your short production document
  7. Let us take care of the rest

Production Schedule:

  • Pre-Production: 2-3 Weeks (Graphics and Music Shortlist)
  • Production: 1 Day
  • Post Production: 3-4 weeks (Edits, Color Correction, Music)
  • First Draft: 4-5 weeks
  • Final Video: 6 weeks

Payment Terms: 65% Advance 35% On Delivery.

The above package pricing is for illustration purposes. Pricing may vary depending on the video’s requirement.

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